Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Reasons Organic Home Care is Essential By Jannifer Ju

When I became a mother, global environment issues became more important to me, in addition ensuring my family is fed and our home is clean and healthy.  As a result, I look for organic cleaning products as well as advise my friends to maintain an organic home so we can all lead healthy lifestyles.  My reasons are simple, and my fellow mothers tend to agree with me. Here are three important reasons to implement organic home care:

Organic Homes for Safer Children1.    Toxin Free

My organic home is safe from poisonous cleaning chemicals. This is because we use naturally made cleaning products like iGOZEN. I always used natural fertilizers on my lawn for instance. During spring and summer, it is usual for children to play outside on the lawn. Sometimes younger children put these toys in their mouths! My children are older now, but I never had to worry about them collecting harmful residues from natural fertilizers. My pets are also safer and more healthy.

2.    Prevents Allergies and Diseases

With children below 10 years of age, stains on surfaces and clothes are inevitable. Before finding tips on maintaining organic homes, I would make use of strong bleaches for stain removal on clothes and surfaces. While bleach works well, some mom's have reported an itchy rash forming all over their child's body.  I didn't want that! After searching for organic solutions. I started using lemon juice instead to remove stains and clean the floors and surfaces. I didn't have to worry about causing skin irritation, and my children’s clothes look clean and smell fresh.

3.    Gentle on Pockets

People spend lots of money everyday on manufactured chemicals and their side effects.  Stay home parents tend to be exposed to a lot of TV and it's easy to be lured into buying the newest cleaning products that promise germ free homes.  Fortunately, I discovered a site that sells eco-friendly products.  My budget on cleaning items has dropped significantly since then! Similarly, hospital visits to treat my children's flu or allergies or pet visits to the vet are long forgotten.
Try going organic in your home, even if it's just one product at a time. You'll see a difference in more ways than one!

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