Thursday, October 4, 2012

Summer Green Cleaning By Jannifer Ju

Yesterday, my daughter’s club was holding a car wash at the local high school parking lot, so I decided to bring the kids an ice chest full of refreshing soft drinks. By the end of the day, all the dirt from the cars transferred onto the ice chest as filthy fingerprints, and sticky soda residue was left on the inside.
Normally, cleaning something as big as an ice chest is such a hassle. If I were to clean it with a chemical-laden cleanser, I would have to thoroughly rinse it because the chest gets in such close contact with food. Then, I would have to leave it outside to air dry.
But, yesterday, I sprayed the ice chest inside and outside with the nontoxic iGOZEN, waited for just a few seconds, then wiped it with a clean microfiber towel. And just like that, all the dirt and sticky spills came right off. IGOZEN made the cleaning such a breeze. And, best of all, I didn’t have to rinse it and leave it outside to dry.
Here is a picture of my ice chest!!

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