Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why we recycle iGOZEN bottles

Why does iGOZEN provide microfine powders and reusable plastic bottles?  Why can't we just be like everyone else and put our cleaning solution in a bottle, ship it to a store where you can pick it up and take it home?
Here's why:
It is estimated that over two million plastic beverage bottles are used every 5 minutes in the United States.  This does not even include the number of plastic bottles that are used for cleaning supplies.
What happens to these bottles? It is estimated that less than 10% are recycled. The remainder go into landfills or are washed out to the oceans. As the plastic disintegrates, fish and other marine life eat the plastic.  This introduces the plastic chemicals into our food chain.
This is why we are taking the time and care to make sure that iGOZEN products are brought to you with re-usable plastic bottles. Simply mix the microfine powder with water in the iGOZEN bottle and you are good to go. Refill packets of the iGOZEN powders are convenient, affordable and delivered directly to your home with no shipping costs, ever.
Please join us and do everything you can to reduce plastic bottle use.

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