Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is Your Baby Nursery Toxin-Free? By Jannifer Ju.

Creating a safe nursery environment for your child does not begin with the actual cleaning of the room; it begins when you purchase cleaning materials. A toxin free environment is important for a child, especially because their immune systems are not only more vulnerable but they also try to taste everything! Examples of toxic chemicals often found in everyday personal care and cleaning products are SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and Propylene Glycol.  These are just two of the many cJohnson and Johnson Softwash Cleansing Clothshemicals that could cause harm to your child if they are consumed or used on a regular basis. 
SLS is often found in baby laundry detergent.  There are other ways to properly clean your baby’s clothing without exposing them to dangerous toxins.  I often use baby shampoo or body soap to hand-wash clothing.  This technique allows me to personally control the amount of soap or detergent I use.  Looking closely at the chemicals in the shampoo or body wash you buy helps ensure the clothes you are washing are toxin free and safe for your child to wear. 
An example of a possible dangerous product is Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Softwash Cleansing Cloths.  It contains both SLS and Propylene Glycol, making it very difficult to keep your baby toxin free.  There are alternatives to keeping your child squeaky clean.  I always use a natural baby shampoo before using a product that is not organic.  The cleansing cloths do provide an alternative to using plain water, but using a soft washcloth with mild shampoo will also do the job.   Obviously, purchasing natural products reduces the likelihood of running into these chemicals. 
Besides the fact that many natural products will support a toxin free environment, what is the other main reason for purchasing these products?  It is no mystery that children have the wonderful habit of gumming and tasting everything.  As a mother, I understand the chaos that goes into each day of the week and I know how hard it can be to monitor everything your child does.  Personally, I feel better when the products in my baby’s nursery are naturally based.

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