Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rhonda from Michigan: Cat Safe from Toxic Chemicals By Customer Stories

Protect Pets from houshold toxinsProtect Pets

Many of us here at iGOZEN have pets, and of course they are part of the family. From parakeets to dogs and cats, the last thing we want to do is accidentally harm our pets just because we were cleaning our house! And it looks like our customers feel the same way. Here's some feedback from Rhonda in Michigan, who's been using iGOZEN Everyday Cleaner:

I love this stuff I can use it around my cats and it [doesn't] bother them. I have a cat that loves everything, especially when I am doing it. He likes to taste test a lot of stuff and [iGOZEN] is so safe . Thanks for a wonderful and safe product.
Rhonda Greig

Did you know that nearly 9% of calls to the Pet Poison Helpline in 2010 were made by cat owners? The most obvious poisons top the list, with the first three being human/vet drugs, poisonous plants and insecticides. But number four on the list is Household Cleaners. In other words, cats and bleach aren't a good mix. Lysol and cats aren't a good combination either!
So the potential for poisoning a pet is actually rather high, especially if your house is on the clean side. So we are happy that iGOZEN Everyday Cleaner replaces most (if not all) common and toxic cleaners in households, creating a safer environment for both humans and pets.
What good is your clean house if it's slowly (or quickly) poisoning your family (pets included, of course)? Here's an easy way to tell if a cleaning product has harmful chemicals. If the names of the ingredients are hard to pronounce, they are probably toxic. Look them up online to confirm. Then switch them out with something safe. iGOZEN is made from sea shell calcium and sea salt. Pretty easy to pronounce those two ingredients!
iGOZEN is easy to use and our customers love it. Just visit our Facebook Page and listen to the conversation. The word "love" is constantly mentioned.

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