Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stovetop No Match for Natural Spring Cleaning with IGOZEN By Customer Stories

iGOZEN Sample KitMy husband teases me all the time about being a “green freak.” He thinks this is very clever, as “green” rhymes with “clean,” and I’m fastidious about my home. A while ago, I started thinking about all the chemicals that were lurking in my house, and it really wigged me out. I realized our dishes, countertops, floors, and walls were constantly bombarded with detergents and sulfates, and my daughter was being exposed to these toxic cleaning chemicals. So I radically changed my cleaning regimen. I did a lot of research, and settled on vinegar as my go-to cleaning agent. It’s antibacterial, contains no added dyes, is toxin free and is safe to use around my family.

It also smells terrible. My daughter hates when I clean, and will retreat to her room whenever I pull out the spray bottle. “Mommy makes the kitchen smell bad.” I liked my organic cleanser, but I hated how off-putting the scent was. For months, I’ve been looking for a better solution.

I leapt at the chance to try iGOZEN. I tend to be skeptical of new products, but I was so excited by the videos I saw, and the testimonials on their website, that I rushed to buy a sample kit. And you know what? I’m really, really glad I did.

Normally I worry that natural cleaning products aren’t doing their job. And even though I’m wigged out by toxic cleaning chemicals, I tend to associate them with a overly sterile environment. Kind of a catch 22. So as an alternative to both problems, I decided to try out iGOZEN after making lunch with my daughter. Here's my kitchen after a four year-old cooks in it:

Don’t judge me too harshly.

Cleaning with iGOZEN was really easy– the microfine powder picks up a LOT of grime. At first, I had a little trouble using the microfiber cloth; it seemed to move the grime around, more than anything. So I grabbed my trusty kitchen sponge, and then it worked like a dream. My kitchen was spotless in about five minutes flat.

I got my daughter in on the act when we cleaned the living room – she loved the spray bottle, so she sprayed everything down while I followed with a rag. She’d never do that with the vinegar.

I’m so excited to start the spring with a healthy home!

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