Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ink Stains and Pain Begone! By Customer Stories

Removing ink from shirtOccasionally customers send in a random use of iGOZEN that we never thought of before. While iGOZEN was never intended for medical use, it does seem to have a positive effect on a variety of ailments. We'll leave the discovery of those uses to our customers, but we are happy to hear about them when the occur.
It just goes to show the power of the sea(seashells to be exact) on the mundane (ink stains) to the unusual (knee pains):
I had an ink stain that had been dried into a dress shirt, and I didn't know how to get the stain out. It was a new, white shirt, and from what I've been told, ink can be difficult to get out. I don't use hairspray, which is one solution I'd heard of (never tried it), and I was just about to wash the shirt again. No time to run to the store.

I grabbed the everyday iGOZEN and sprayed it onto the stain. It was right in the front pocket of the shirt so I was really hoping it would work. It did! Right before my eyes the stain started to melt away. While it was in it's dissolved state, I dabbed on a little Oxyclean powder and some water, and I was able to quickly rub the remainder of the stain out of the shirt.

That same night my wife's knees had a burning sensation due to an injury. She avoids pain killers, so we were looking for another option. Since I was already using iGOZEN for just about everything (like Greeks use Windex), we sprayed some on her knees. Remarkably, they felt better quickly and now she sprays iGOZEN on her knees nearly everyday. I attribute the alkaline nature of iGOZEN to be the reason it worked. It didn't heal the injury, but it made the burning sensation go away.

I also gave some to a friend, and he was amazed at how good it made the food taste. He also mentioned the blueberries he purchased for a catering event lasted a lot longer than the SAME BATCH of blueberries he DIDN'T wash. Literally, the box he set aside for himself turned moldy and rotten. The leftover blueberries  he brought back home (that had been washed) maintained their freshness and quality. The only difference was iGOZEN. iGOZEN Rocks!

                                                                                                                T.D.E. from California

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