Thursday, October 4, 2012

5 Steps of iGOZEN Organic, Effective, Odorless Kitchen Cleaning By Tara Pelton

Collard Green sandwich wraps are a healthy organic way to eatiGOZEN is a brand new way of providing you with everything you need to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Unlike many other products on the market, iGOZEN is a simple but micro fine calcium powder made from seashells. iGOZEN Odorless Everyday Cleaner is scientifically proven to remove dirt, bacteria, pesticides, grease and other toxins. The iGOZEN organic cleaning process is ideal for any kitchen because it is safe for use around foods, kids, pets and it's also safe for the environment.
A simple pause during the cleaning process is all that's required to reduce the toxic physicial stress or worry caused environtmental toxins and bacteria.  We think it’s worth it for your body, mind and soul, not to mention the rest of the household.
The 5 simple steps of iGOZEN organic kitchen cleaning:
  1. Mix iGOZEN odorless Everyday Cleaner with water
  2. Allow a moment for the organic cleaning process to take place. It takes about as long as it takes for one deep breath
  3. Wipe surface clean with microfiber cloth
  4. Polish with microfiber cloth if you are looking for a shine
To remove more stubborn or stuck on food from your stove, refrigerator or countertops or appliances, give iGOZEN organic cleaning the time it needs to work in these stubborn areas.  How long does it take?  You’ll see when you spray it on and take a few deep breaths. Wipe clean. Repeat if very greasy or caked on. Polish to a sparkling shine.
Can cleaning and caring for your kitchen become a “zen” experience?  Yes, it can, Grasshopper! We really do believe that you will feel relief, relaxation and peace of mind when you use our products.
How do you reduce stress and toxins in your home?

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