Thursday, October 4, 2012

Living Zen, A More Balanced Lifestyle

Living in the present moment with Zen
Zen means to be living in the present moment.   The word "zen" means "betterment".  So it is about becoming better in the present moment - one moment at a time. 
There is a need for ecological stewardship and sustainability
We are all students of living zen.

In the present moment we see there is a need for people to come into a better relationship with each other and the planet; for environmental stewardship and ecological sustainability.  We see a need to create a better, more harmonious relationship with the earth we love.

We see the need for zen in our community, our economy, our business and our financial exchanges.

We see the need for living zen in the home and all that extends outward from the home. How do we create a healthier home?  How will living zen in our everyday lives change our outlook and our relationships?

The story of IGOZEN is the story of how we as students of zen, are finding that better, more harmonious place, by living in the present moment. 

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