Thursday, October 4, 2012

iGOZEN New Discovery for your Kitchen and Healthier Home By Tara Pelton

iGOZEN Veggie Wash SolutioniGOZEN ™ Simply Clean is new patented discovery that makes it possible for you to get organic, affordable vegetable washes, meat washes and the type of odorless organic cleaning experience you have been waiting for - products that are scientifically proven to remove toxins: including pesticides and bacteria. Could cleaning be stress-free and even fun? Well, iGOZEN aims to make it so – and more beautiful, too!
Discover iGOZEN organic cleaning technology using micro fine washing powders. We know you'll love it once you get started.  Your Introductory package includes our beautiful, zen-style reusable bottles. All refills are only $1.49 for each microfine powder packet (each packet makes 16oz of the effective washing or cleaning solutions). Mixing iGOZEN micro fine powder with water at home conserves energy, is less stressful on the environment and makes iGOZEN affordable for everyone. It also means free shipping – always. 
Learn more with our introductory video about iGOZEN.
Jannifer Ju, Founder of iGOZEN“There is a great movement of people who are interested in living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  I have created the iGOZEN Simply Clean product line that is odorless, effective, economical and eco-friendly to help people feel confident and enjoy a more pleasurable experience preparing meals and cleaning for the home.  
"Toxic products, chemicals and artificial smells all detract from a balanced life and a peaceful home,” says
“ Using iGOZEN Simply Clean also enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint on our planet.”
Jannifer Ju
iGOZEN founder & CEO
Educator and student of zen

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