Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why iGOZEN is the Organic Cleaning Solution that’s Better for the Environment By Tara Pelton

When I first heard about iGOZEN All Purpose Everyday Cleaner I was struggling to find something I liked to clean my kitchen. I had pretty much given up trying to get the kitchen clean and sanitized with an organic cleaner. Don’t get me wrong - I applaud organic cleaners.  (Finally - a solution that is not dangerous to your health.) But, sadly, they are oily. They are sold in plastic bottles as a concentrate of oils (coconut oil, citrus oil, lavender oil, etc.) or they are oils diluted with water in spray bottles. So, I tried baking soda…. But it, too, left a film and was difficult to manage in a spray bottle, or in a bowl or whatever way you are supposed to use it. So then I tried Vinegar. It apparently removes germs (I’m still not sure about that), but at least it worked in a spray bottle. Problem is the whole experience of cleaning with vinegar isn’t very fun, well actually to me, its kind of gross – and even worse if you are using it in a previously-used plastic bottle.  But I hung in there and kept trying.plastic bottle song

Then I really became discouraged because I realized that no matter what I tried, the fact remains there were way too many plastic bottles in my kitchen: bottles for window cleaner, dish soap, bottles for tile grout and refrigerator shiners, sinks, stoves…rah!  All that  - but I still could not clean my blender or food processor successfully. This is scary: plastic bottles take hundreds of years to biodegrade and 70% are never actually recycled. Its even more depressing when you know 1500 plastic bottles are used everysecond in the USA. Every second – that’s crazy! And this figure is just an estimate for plastic drinking bottles and doesn’t even include cleaning product bottles.

“Where do all the plastic bottles go?” is a song I could write today, from my heart.

So I wished, (Yes, I truly am one of these people who wishes on stars), “Please, please help us solve the plastic bottles problem.”  It was certainly a problem so big and too overwhelming for me alone. Every time I purchased plastic cleaning bottles I felt the tug of guilt– “What happens next?” I asked myself. “What happens to this bottle when I throw it away; when it is covered in oily film and I can’t really re-use it anymore? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THE PLASTIC GALLON BLEACH BOTTLES?  It was like a nightmare or something.

So all of this is what was on my mind when I first heard about iGOZEN and I flipped my lid. “Whoa – you are kidding me? A cleaner so small you can pack it in a powder packet that weighs less than an ounce? Give it to me now.”  So I tried it. And I love it. I use it for everything in the kitchen: the sink, the stove, the blender, the refrigerator, the countertops and – yay! – the food processor! Actually I even use it on super-messy, food-caked pots and pans.  It disintegrates the caked on food and sanitizes everything on contact. Its more effective than the toxic cleaners, in my experience.  Rock on!  And best of all – you can mix iGOZEN in any 16 oz bottle of water and you’re ready to roll.

So that is what began the story of iGOZEN’s simple packaging. You receive tiny powder packets and mix them with 16 oz of water. Viola – the perfect sanitizing solution.   Next, hear the story of how iGOZEN Reusable Bottles were created.

I made a wish and it is coming true. I’m inspired. We can make this change. We really can.

Hope you’ll try iGOZEN!

Tara at iGOZEN


  1. Where do I find iGOZEN? Is it being direct sold or through a supermarket chain type selling scheme? I am very interested and would like access to the product. Thanks, Sue Baird

    1. Hi Sue, Thank you for your interest in iGozen. It is sold via website only at this time. Please checkout Sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry.

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