Thursday, October 4, 2012

Being Beautiful & Earth Friendly

As I began to study zen and live a more balanced lifestyle,  I discovered that many of the beauty products I used to keep my skin and hair "soft and silky" came in packages that were not earth-friendly. I was dismayed to find even "organic" beauty products came in packages that are not easily recycled. Also, I could not see how many of the companies take action to protect the environment (environmental stewardship).Beauty products should come in recycleable packages
I hope all companies take action in environmental stewardship so that their "all natural" or "organic" labels can be an honest representation. When they say "organic" that should mean they are really helping us.  To do that, they really need to be earth-friendly too!
What if,  as part of their labeling process, companies are required to prove they have taken effective actions for environmental stewardship? If we insist they explain how they are earth-friendly in their manufacturing and packaging, that would be a good start.
It seems to me with a little bit of care and ingenuity, we can be both beautiful and and earth-friendly.  Do you agree?

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