Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another IGOZEN Miracle! Matthey Payne from CA Weighs In By Customer Storie

Here's a down and dirty story from customer Matthew Payne in California. We expect to hear more and more stories about different ways to use iGOZEN (hey, it's a limitless product!). Thanks, Matthew!

This one is for the boys! (And the girls) It’s for anyone who hates having that haze on the inside of their car windshield. I’ve tried Windex, and a host of automobile window products like Invisible Glass which clean the window but leave a residue which creates a horrible glare in the sunlight. Well, the other day I was frustrated again while trying to get my windshield clean and thought I should try our new IGOZEN. Low and behold it worked! A clean windshield and no haze!

Understand, if your windshield was as grimy as mine it’s going to take some elbow grease and a few applications, but your windshield will be truly clean. Apply the IGOZEN with one cloth and then wipe with a clean dry cloth. It also worked wonders on the headlamps and removed all kinds of grime (my cloth was brown afterwards) that didn’t come clean with my regular car wash.

So not only is that annoying haze gone, but the added safety of a clean windshield and clean headlamps which now shine brighter and farther is a real bonus. Yes, IGOZEN is a great house cleaner, but I’m having fun exploring other applications as well. Thanks again IGOZEN, it’s a miracle!
Matthew Payne

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