Thursday, October 4, 2012

iGOZEN Organic Cleaning is Zen! By Tara Pelton

Descanso Gardens
Are we trying to tell you that cleaning and caring for your kitchen is a “zen” experience?  Yes, we are! 
Zen means peace, betterment, and positive growth. We believe keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic can be a pleasurable, peaceful experience. 
The iGOZEN organic cleaning process is very different from any other cleaner or food wash you have used before: its a new invention and a real solution to the problems of keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic without the use of chemicals, toxins or perfumes. iGOZEN is scientifically proven to remove toxins including the most common pesticides and bacteria (ecoli and salmonella). The basic formula - micro fine powder made from sea shells - is used for the Food Washes and for the meat wash as well as the odorless Everyday Cleaner.
Each product is individually designed using differing shapes and types and sizes of sea shells to address pesticides and bacteria - toxic factors encountered in kitchens everyday. We've covered all the bases with our Fruit & vegetable cleaning/washing powder, meat & fish cleaning/washing powder, and everyday kitchen cleaning powder. Today's kitchen may now utilize an odorless solution to dirt & greaseand toxins. 
When you clean with iGOZEN, life can be more peaceful, less stressful and much easier to manage.  Because your food, kitchen and house won't be toxic anymore! You deserve it.  Order an iGOZEN Sample Pack today and enjoy a cleaner, healthier You.

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