Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pesticide-Free Tea Tastes Better! By Customer Stories

Chinese Tea contains Banned PesticidesIgozen has so many uses. One of my favorite is to wash my tea leaves.  Obviously, the tea leaves are going to be soaked in boiling water, so one may wonder why I would wash my tea leaves prior to steeping. There's a really, reallygood reason why - because tea leaves are not generally cleaned prior to being processed for consumption.
Greenpeace recently tested 18 kinds of tea from 9 manufacturers in China, the world's largest producer and consumer of tea. The report shows the results from the third-party lab tests and the results are alarming. All 18 samples contained at least 3 different kinds of pesticides, and 12 samples showed traces ofbanned pesticides. Got tea?  Better read the report!
The experienced tea drinker commonly washes their tea leaves. Usually this consists of using boiling water on the leaves very briefly, draining the water and then steeping the leaves in a normal fashion. However, Igozen's fruit and vegetable wash provides a new andmore effective neutral cleaner for tea leaves. Of course, I've been using Igozen on my own tea leaves, but we just got some feedback from one of our customers, Chris Huang from California. Chris tried out the Igozen Sample Pack on his tea leaves and had this to say:

The quick and safe way to wash the tea leaves, really helpful and keep the flavor long lasting. Chris Huang
But don't take our word for it! Conduct your own test using Igozen. See with your own eyes what comes out of the tea leaves you are already using. Many people who are moving towards healthy lifestyle changes are switching from soda or coffee and drinking tea, but they are unaware of the polluted nature of tea leaves. Order a sample pack of Igozen today and do your own comparison of plain water washing and using iGOZEN (see sample comparison below using tomatoes). You will be delighted and amazed and the difference (and probably grossed out too, but your tea will be safer to drink!).
Comparison Chart

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