Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Quest of the Best Organic Cleaning Products-7th Generation By Tara Pelton

Jessica Beam from "Moms for a Healthier Home" continues her research for the best organic cleaning product ...
 The next product I have been researching is 7th Generation.  This product is also available in most department and grocery stores.
 On their site they say: “Seventh Generation is the nation’s leading brand of household and personal care products that help protect human health and the environment” ( Right from the beginning, I beg to differ.  7th generation
 Although their cause and what they are aiming to do (to “nurture the health of beings for the next 7 generations”) is great, in my household, they are not the leading brand. For starters, let’s talk about pricing.  Their pricing ranges from $2.99 to $21.99.  They carry cleaners, washes, detergents, free and clear products, diapers, pads, tampons, wipes and trash bags.  At this point, I have to say that an individual who buys this brand will be spending a lot of money.  I think that having trash bags and pads made all natural is great BUT on top of that if you need a product that is unscented (which are always more expensive for some reason) now you have to buy that, on top of everything else as well as a separate cleaner for your shower, tub and tile, and glass surfaces.  We are a generation that is suffering economically.  We are utilizing every possible way to save a buck and if we can save money while not compromising our health that would be wonderful. In their case, they are not seeing this situation.
I wanted to tackle cleaning the bathroom this weekend because I was having a party so I bought their tub and tile cleaner.  I didn’t think it did that good of a job cleaning.  I did like the little scent that was in their product but my mother in law is sensitive to perfume.  Due to me finding the product not cleaning that great, I had to use more to keep cleaning away the soap scum which in turn created what was a light scent to a strong scent which did not do her well.  For the tub and tile, they do not carry unscented.  Their glass and surface cleaner as well as their all purpose are unscented but I ask myself, if their all purpose cleaner was really “all purpose” why make other cleaners targeting specific areas of the house? 
My grade rating of this was a C because of the product’s lacking of ability to really clean and because of their specific cleaners not being available in “clean and clear.”

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