Thursday, October 4, 2012

How iGOZEN Organic Cleaning Helps the Environment By Tara Pelton

iGOZEN micro fine cleaning & washing powders consist of organic calcium from purified seashells made into a micro fine powder using a patented process.  The blend of seashells used for vegetable washes gently cleans the fruits and vegetables removing pesticides and toxins.  
The meat wash is made of a special blend of sea shells, enabling the wash to penetrate and alkalize harmful bacteria present in meat such as e-coli and salmonella. The Fish/Meat wash also neutralizes the harmful effects of antibiotics in meat and fish. These food washes are scientifically tested and proven to remove e-coli and salmonella and the most common pesticides.
Rainbow Ocean with Whale from Jeff Masters @
iGOZEN Everyday Cleaner is a specific formula using microfine ground sea shells and salt to produce a gentle yet powerful solution that, when sprayed on dirt, grime or caked on food, will neutralize and disintegrate the unwanted substances and neutralize the harmful bacteria and toxins. Unlike any other cleaner, iGOZEN Is pure, odorless and completely safe to use near foods (perfect to keep your refrigerator, appliances and countertops clean everyday).
Because iGOZEN is an organic source of natural calcium from sea shells, it is safe for people and pets.  It's also healthy for our environment; the oceans and waterways are actually benefited by use of iGOZEN products. 
Did you know that oceanographers led by W.K. Dewar of Florida State University have discovered that the swimming action of fish and other marine organisms may  play a critical role in driving ocean currents, thus our climate and weather conditions globally?
Switching from unhealthy and toxic cleaners to iGOZEN helps protect our waters and the creatures in our waters, whose ecosystem is more important than previously understood.
Let's help the environment by using iGOZEN.

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