Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quest for the Best Organic Cleaner for a Healthier Home - Review By Tara Pelton

Jessica Beam, of "Moms for a Healthier Home" continues her research for the best organic cleaning products....
Caldrea CleanerThis weekend, I continued on my journey to maintain a healthy home.  The next organic product I tested was Caldrea cleaners.  This product I obtained from a friend who purchased this online awhile ago.  I proceeded to research.
I concluded this line has an abundance of different products from laundry, to baby, to countertop cleaner, to dish soap.  I do love the variety BUT again, being the lowest priced item seems to be $7 and change, buying all these different items will definitely put a huge dent on anyone’s bank account.  They do have an all purpose cleaner which I again reiterate, if it TRULY is all purpose, then why is there a plethora of different products targeting different areas of the house?!
Besides this item being expensive, none of it is scent-free, which poses a big problem for those that are sensitive to strong smelling perfume or who have allergies.  This does eliminate the need for an air freshener in the house but as I mentioned above, Caldrea definitely does not target the crowd of sensitive or allergy-suffering consumers.  I would also like to add that on their site they mentioned is “a pleasant change of pace from the strong chemicals and fragrances of ordinary cleaning products” which is interesting since their line is all about aromatherapy and aromatherapy is strongly scented.  While there is no trace of chemical smell it is still very much fragrant regardless of whether it is of a lavender pine or Clorox lemon scent.
The item I used was the countertop cleaner ($9!).  While it claims to be “beautifully clean and elegantly green” I did not enjoy the product because being that it was so strongly scented, I was afraid of the smell getting on to whatever food I placed on the countertop. I do enjoy the scent but again, living in a house where I do have people that are sensitive and need free and clear products, this was not meant for my household regardless of the product being earth friendly. So while it might have rid me of the toxins that were on my countertops, the price and the inconvenience of the scent definitely brought this product’s grade down to a C-.

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