Thursday, October 4, 2012

Organic Food - Without the Organic Price By Customer Stories

Getting it organicBacteria, pesticides and many potentially toxic food additives are present in much of the meat, poultry, fish and produce we consume each day. Shopping for organic groceries can help cut down on many of these toxins, but in today’s economy, it can be a costly endeavor, especially if you have a growing family, and even organic foods may still carry some dangerous residue. You may feel, like most consumers, you need to choose between providing the healthy benefits of organic foods for your family, or staying within your already-stretched budget. How do you make that choice?

Fear not! Today’s consumers need no longer worry about sacrificing their family’s health for financial reasons.  iGOZEN, made from sustainable sea shells, salt and natural products,  neutralizes and eliminates bacteria, toxins, pollutants as well as Salmonella and the deadly E. Coli, by up to 99.9%. iGOZEN is 100% safe, organic, odorless, colorless and tasteless. 

By using this unique blend of natural ingredients, you can clean your food before you ingest any of the harmful toxins, and know that you are gaining the benefits of organic food without the added costs. There are two specific food formulas, one for fruits and vegetables and one for meat, fish and poultry, which come in a micro-fine powder. Simply mix the powder with water, according to package directions, and spray, soak and rinse your food prior to meal preparation. 

Even better, iGOZEN lessens your carbon footprint by it’s non-impact on the earth. Safe for humans, animals, and earth-friendly, this revolutionary product isn’t just eco-friendly in it’s make-up, but responsibly manufactured and packaged. From start to finish, iGOZEN is truly organic and healthy for all living things.

Along with iGOZEN Simply Clean food wash, there is also an everyday surface cleaner, so that you can eliminate toxins and bacteria from your personal living space. Try the entire line of iGOZEN products for your family - especially Mother Earth.

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