Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quest for the Best Organic Cleaning Products for a Healthier Home By Tara Pelton

Jessica Beam, of "Moms for a Healthier Home" continues her research for the best organic cleaning products....
To begin, I want to say that I am a big believer of the saying, “Never judge the book by its cover”.  I would not say that I am a materialistic person but it is safe to say that in reality, looks do matter.  A poorly dressed person is viewed as lazy or sloppy.  This holds true for products as well.  In order to catch the eye of the consumer, a product’s packaging is very important.  The colors, bottle shape, etc is a marketing key.  If no thought is put into this, it will get overlooked.  With this being said, Mrs. Meyers is definitely getting overlooked.  
Mrs Meyers Cleaners ComparativeWhile the importance is how well the product gets rid of toxins in the home in order to maintain a healthy house, the product could be the best earth friendly item ever BUT if you don’t see it, and the package does not appeal, no one will know this.  In the grocery store, I had to look twice to find Mrs. Meyers first because I did not see and second, because it looked like wood cleaner to me.  The labels are all different colors but there is no pretty design or anything just the product name and a whole bunch of fluff writing. It was like someone took a page from an encyclopedia and printed it out on colored papers and glued to the bottle.  I don’t want to read the story, especially on the front of a bottle.  All I want to know is the important stuff - the ingredients. The end. 
Another minus is this line does not offer any free and clear products.  Everything is scented with their oils (very aromatherapy like).  With that, right away, I know that I will never buy this product again no matter how well it cleans because of the sensitivity people in my household have to strong smells.  Their line consists of toilet bowl cleaner, dish soap, all purpose, glass cleaner, wipes, laundry, hand and body and air fresheners.  The price starts at $3.99. Although their products are biodegradable, I still see it as a waste to make 7 different all purpose cleaners in different scents.
While the product did ok with cleaning, it still was not accommodating to everyone in the house due to scent and I really hate the packaging! The packaging itself (even if they did make free and clear) makes me not buy the product. Poorly thought out making Mrs. Meyers a C-.

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