Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mushroom Bean Casserole: Good for You and Delicious for the Whole Family By Tara Pelton

Before I give you the recipe for the best green bean casserole of all time, I will take a moment to tell you why you should eat green bean casserole and why you want to make sure you get your kids to try it. Because it’s delicious! Start them off young with green bean casserole and you will be glad you did, because your boys will like to eat their green beans.
tars green bean cassaroleGreen beans are very healthy to eat, especially for growing kids. Green beans containVitamin K, which aids in healing cuts, scrapes and bloody noses.  If your kid gets a bloody nose, feed him lost of green beans (and strawberries). The vitamin K will provide essential nutrients to heal.
Green beans also contain high amounts of Vitamin C which aids in healing the cuts and scrapes a child gets in playing every day – lots of green beans help to quickly repair tissue and grow strong.
You will be happy to know that green beans are vital to the health of mothers and any young woman, too. They are high in Manganese, which is a wonderful nutrient that aids in reducing pain of periods (PMS). On your day off, you will enjoy green bean casserole….Since its so delicious I guarantee you will want to eat the entire casserole by yourself.
The mushrooms in the casserole also provide Manganese as well as providing you with vital trace nutrients, like copper. This is why it is excellent for a woman to eat this particular casserole to provide your body with vital nutrients from both the green beans and the mushrooms together to help balance the stress on the body during menstruation.
So there you go – that’s why you want to learn how to make Delicious Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole….Make enough for the whole family and especially serve it to small children so they will learn to enjoy it.

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