Thursday, October 4, 2012

Show Detail iGOZEN Simply Clean Organic, Affordable Green Cleaning !! By Tara Pelton

duckling photo from cute n tiny. com
The world is a tough place for the animals, plants and waterways right now because of so much pollution.  Here at iGOZEN we are doing all we can to help by providing NEW patented, green organic cleaning products that are scientifically proven to remove toxins, and greatly reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. More great news! iGOZEN is actually affordable for every family. So everyone can do their part to help the environment and keep their family clean, safe and healthy.

There are some 1500 plastic bottles consumed every SECOND in the USA alone.  Please do not use any more plastic bottles than you really need. Get your beautiful zen style iGOZEN reusable bottles at Get your refills at $1.49 a packet and enjoy helping the environment with effective cleaning products that are good for the environment.  

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