Thursday, October 4, 2012

Organic Home Confessions By Tara Pelton

Occasionally we've had a confession or two come our way. These confessions come from Moms who went rogue-organic (wild, and unpredictable.) Some were former toxic chemical cleaner addicts who quit cold turkey and and had nervous breakdowns until brought back to life with iGOZEN.
The author chose to remain anonymous, but requested we post her story in case it is of benefit to other readers. 
Making the switch to organic food can be tough"My name is Betty, and I was addicted to perfect looking food.  I’m not going to lie: If it weren’t for my other insecurities, I’d still be eating a lot more pesticides in foods.

"Sure, I knew eating organic fruits and vegetables was the right thing to do. They’re better for the environment and for my family. It’s a fact-- they’re grown free of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and all that genetically modified 'stuff' that studies have shown make humans grow extra nostrils where we don’t want them.
"But even so, buying that first organic banana didn’t feel right. In fact, it felt entirely unnatural, like buying nonalcoholic beer at a liquor store.

"Here’s why: It wasn’t perfectly yellow. It had spots. 
"It shouldn’t have bothered me, but it did.
"I was all for it when my husband suggested we switch to an "organic home." Sounds good, I thought. It’s the right thing to do, I told him. Even our  son was excited about trying some of the fruits and vegetables that are so special they are displayed in their very own area of the produce section—a section with fancy signs featuring letters printed to look hand-scripted, better than the other signs hanging throughout the store; special.
"And I was excited too until it came time to pick out very first organic banana.
"I remember the moment like it was yesterday. Grabbing a cart, I strode proudly past the “regular” produce to the organic bananas who patiently waited for thoughtful, environmentally conscientious consumers like myself. I felt so proud. We were doing the right thing.
"And then I saw the bananas. Unlike the conventional (and chemically treated) bananas that were nearly perfect in every way, the organic bananas had little black spots on them! Suddenly, I had to decide between "bad for you" and "ugly," and I have to admit I was leaning more towards the "Stepford Wives" bananas.

"And I panicked.

"How could I buy a bruised banana?  I thought about heading back to the pretty bananas, but there were people everywhere. If I walked away now, they’d all know that my confident strut to the organic section was a fraud. So I did what I’ve always done in those situations: I did what was least likely to make me feel uncomfortable. I bought the organic banana. And tomatoes and broccoli and celery.
"You know what? They tasted great! Our home has been one of those organic homes ever since."
B.C. from D.C.
Here at iGOZEN Simply Clean, we hope others don't have to go through similarly terrifying experiences in their journey for better health and clean living. To help as many people as possible to live a healthy lifestyle, we've worked hard to keep our micro fine organic washing powders as inexpensive and accessible as possible for everyone. Compare our refill package prices with your average toxic cleaner, and you'll discover how much you can save with iGOZEN.

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