Thursday, October 4, 2012

EWG's Dirty Dozen App: Avoiding Pesticides By Jannifer Ju.

EWG's Clean and Dirty List. Read and weep.

Green Living Tips from EWG

Have you heard of the Environmental Working Group, or EWG? A friend of mine recommended a handy chart they publish on their website that helps people avoid pesticide-laden foods as well as choose the foods with the lowest pesticide risk. It's important to know what's clean and what isn't. So I checked them out further, and they have a great site, very informative.

Here's an excerpt from the EWG website about finding healthier foods:
"Finding Healthier Food

If you choose 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day from EWG's Clean 15 rather than the Dirty Dozen, you can lower the volume of pesticide you consume daily by 92 percent, according to EWG calculations. You'll also eat fewer types of pesticides. Picking 5 servings of fruits and vegetables from the 12 most contaminated would cause you to consume an average of 14 different pesticides a day. If you choose 5 servings from the 15 least contaminated fruits and vegetables, you'll consume fewer than 2 pesticides per day."

Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Screen Shots
Ever leave your shopping list at home? I do all the time, and remembering a list of foods to avoid would be even more challenging to remember! Fortunately, EWG though of that, and they have anAndroid and iPhone app to help us practice environmental stewardship right in our shopping carts and grocery bags!

Zip into your local app marketplace (on your phone of course) and search for "dirty dozen." Download the app and you have a portable list. Unless you forget your phone. Not likely, right? Mine's glued to my hand, which reminds me, I need to add cell phone radiation to my list of green living tips to write about.

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